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Purveyors of ethnic confusions since 1989

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5:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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Why aren't there more Indian/Mexican fusion restaurants? Like Indian burritos and enchiladas? The jerk chicken and pumpkin enchilada here was so damn flavorful. Flavor for days. It made me think about some of the lackluster meals I'd had recently with scorn. The owner was nice and asked us if we were ready for the best meal of our lives. Whoa, buddy! That's a tall order. My eating partner got something like...yogurt chicken? I actually forget what it was, but the sauce was slightly sweet, maybe a tamarind flavor? Yum. As I mentioned already, my enchiladas were delicious. Both dishes were a little smaller than I would have liked, though. His was accompanied by rice and deliciously charred/spiced/grilled veggies, mine by rice. Also, my eating partner asked for a 7 on a scale of 10 spiciness and neither dish was spicy at all. Lunch for 2 with no drinks was $30. I would definitely return if I was in this area! We rode our rented bikes over the bridge from SF and once in Sausalito, it was at least another 10 minutes ride. Worth it!!

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Kelly O. on Nov 20
on yelp

Immediately after kayaking in the Bay, I was ravished for a substantial meal. I was past the point of hangry and now entering a delirious state. Luckily, my Yelp elite friend, Phuong, had already mapped out coming to Avatar's, which is right off of Bridgewater, making it very easy to get to the restaurant. Saturday at 1PM, the parking lot is pretty open. The place is tucked in between a Chinese restaurant and the rest of the complex. Not too hard to spot. When you enter the restaurant, the smell of rich Indian food full of spice comes wafting into your nose. Maybe it was my depleted stomach, but I commented, "It smells like heaven in here." This place is a fusion between Indian and Mexican food, which I would never have put together before. The restaurant itself had maybe 10 tables and the counter and a third of them were occupied by other guests. My friend was already seated when I was greeted by the charismatic and charming owner, Ashok. Ever meet one of those people who love their job and are excited to share with you the best they have to offer? Yeah, that's Ashok right there. He kept us smiling and laughing, primarily because he could sense how hungry we were and said, "I can read your mind and know exactly what you want." He recommended the Pumpkin and Chicken Enchilada. We also ordered the Vegetarian Samosas to start us out. I made a quick trip to the bathroom (which is through the dishroom, kitchen, and down a hallway) to wash the salt from the Ocean off of me, but our samosas had appeared before I returned. Damn, they're quick. The samosas were light and crispy on the outside, but were filled with potatoes and peas. The sauces were savory, spicy, and sweet. The mango puree and chutney made this dish complete. Right as we were done with the samosas, out came our enchiladas. They were both hot, but I couldn't help myself and started eating (while burning my tongue a little). The curried sauce, pumpkin, and chicken all encased in a tortilla hit my tastebuds in all the right places. Plus the saffron basmati rice helped even out the richness of the enchilada. Each ingredient delicately balanced each other out so the taste wasn't overwhelming nor was it bland. The perfect intensity of each flavor in each bite. Normally I talk during a meal, but I was silent this time because I was fully enjoying the enchiladas. I couldn't help but smile after I swallowed each bite. Who would have thought Mexican and Indian food would go together so well? What kind of sorcery is this? Both my friend and I agreed that it was just the right amount of food and richness after a morning workout. I felt comfortably full and restored. Maybe next time I'll get the dessert, but the samosas and enchiladas hit the spot. I would highly recommend venturing out here to visit Ashok and try some Mexican-Indian food. I'll surely be back again real soon!

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Ellyse L. on Sep 20
on yelp

This place is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere, the service, AND most importantly, the food. The second you walk in, the smell of the food will capture you. It's a tiny place, and there was a wait, but the food is very worth it! It's a first come first serve type place, no sign in sheet. I ordered the rose mango dream, and I will HAVE to recommend it. I understand that raviolis is not Indian or Mexican BUT the way this place creates this dish will make you question it! My friend ordered the curry trio. This dish was delicious as well. I was able to try a piece of chicken, and the second that I took the bite, I could instantly taste the wonderful flavors. My friend said the rice, lamb, prawn, veggies (everything on his plate pretty much) was delicious. There's a choice of how spicy you want your food. If you're okay with the heat staying in your mouth, I'd say go with medium. Lastly, we couldn't pass up on the dessert. There is just one dessert dish, so you either want it or not. And if you don't, let me be the one to say, don't leave this place without trying it! We preferred not to dip the dessert in the sauce that it comes with. It's great, but we thought it was better without it. Hands down, one of the very best places that I've ever been to in my life!

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Gina N. on Oct 20
on yelp

This restaurant was the single most unique, exciting, flavorful meal that I had in The Bay Area over the past two visits (this includes food from the food truck festivals and other highly rated hot spots) My cousin told us - "When you are in the SanFran area, you MUST go to Avatar's for Indian-Mexican food". It was the best food advice. A little background, I am VERY discerning and often critical of Indian restaurants in the US - I was raised with my nanyama and mom making homemade Gujarati food growing up (chapatis, terkari, homemade daals/curries...) . We were driving back to San Fran from Napa and took the easy detour to Sausalito to foray into the world of Indian-Mexican food. I ordered the Wild Salmon Punjabi Enchilada and it was sooooo good. Flavors that I did not know could work well together -  like jack and cheddar cheese, saffron, curried enchilada sauce, yogurt - were literally dancing on my tongue. My spouse also ordered the Punjabi Enchilada - but with chicken and he loved it. I HIGHLY recommend that you drive to one of the Avatar Restaurants if in the Bay Area... Especially if you are from NYC. There is a ton of amazing food in SanFran, but there is also comparably amazing food in NYC. Why would you not want to try a Punjabi Enchilada??!! Avatar's stood out because: 1) I had never tasted anything like it before, 2) The food taste/quality/price is excellent, 3) The service is amazing (the owner, Ashok, was walking around asking if the food was ok and introducing himself to all tables at the Sausalito location).

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Fazeela S. on May 28
on yelp